Equine Training

Equine training

training for all stages

we offer training for your beloved equine. from starting your horse to the random fixes. off the track horses, green horses, cantering on the wrong lead, high energy, neck reigning, the list goes on!


Training at your facility:

Pricing is based on the type of training required and number of sessions needed to work with your horse properly. 

Intro session to diagnose the training course - $60


Training at Our facility:

Pricing based on training required

Intro session to diagnose the training course - $60

boarding fees while your horse stays with us - $150 - 450 per month


New! - Virtual Consulting:

Video Chat with us for up to 1 hour per Session - $25


Starter Training

We work with your young horses, off the track horses, and rescue horses that have not had the ground work and beginning saddle work training they need to start their careers. we work with them based on their skill levels and using a training method that allows the horse to tell us when they are ready for the next steps.




Off the Track Horses

Off the track horses of any breed can be an uncertainty to work with. re-training them to be the horse you need can take time and patience. we can help! 


Virtual Consulting

Video Chat with us as you ground work or ride your horse. tell us what is going on and let us watch. we can give you insight into training tactics that can help. we can advise if we would need to physically help train or other trainers that may be able to help.

With our New Virtual Consulting, we can help you anywhere from anywhere!