Equine Lessons

One on One Lessons

With our Lesson Horses or yours!

We have select lesson horses available to teach lesson on. We teach everything from the ground up.


Lessons with our Horses at our facility:

30 Minute Riding Sessions - $30

1 hour Riding Sessions - $45


Traveling Lessons to your facility with your horse:

1 hour riding sessions - $60

additional Travel fees may apply pending your location


**Discounts available for Prepurchasing multiple sessions


Ground Work

Learn how to properly work and handle your horse on the ground. Learn what to do when they spook in your hands, how to do proper pre-riding exercises, and how to build the bond with them from the ground.



Basic Riding Skills

learn the basics of riding to keep you safe on the back of your horse. 

Learn how to safely stop. How to ask for the walk and faster. learn how the bond you create on the ground translates into the saddle. 

Most importantly, learn how to be a partner with your horse.



Advanced Riding Skills

learn the discipline of your choice - english or western. 

western training can include anything from basic western riding to barrel racing to roping and cutting. 

english training includes basic english riding and the beginning stages of jumping. Any more advanced english riding would partner with other trainers. 


Group Riding

We also offer limited group riding trainings to help you learn how to ride around others. You learn how to watch for others while maintaining control with your own horse. great for trail riding groups, clinics, and competitions.

build the confidence you need to go anywhere with your horse!