Hey world. 

Jessica with Royal Moon Ranch here! Bear with me as I get the hang of starting my own blog. 


I have spent the past 7 years as a riding instructor and the past 13 as an equine trainer. I have been wanting to start a blog to share my experiences and journey with those who want to read. Let's see if I can get this going!


For as long as I can remember, farming has been my life. I may not have had the typical cattle farmer or crop farmer life, but I grew up on 190 acres where my parents ran a Horse Farm and Rescue and our neighbor farmed our property for hay. The struggles were all the same. The trials, the work, the lessons. I wouldn't trade them for the world.


Today, while I search for my farm, I work through everyday caring for seven horses, training my new herd members, and teaching lesson students the basics of riding. My favorite part of owning such a decent size herd is the ability to learn from them every day. Every feeding, every afternoon I am there, I watch how they interact with each other, with myself and with my students. It is amazing how much they can teach you. 


As I go through my weeks, I hope to enlighten you with different things they teach me and different tricks I may have learned along the way that may help you. I also hope to entertain you with the fun moments we have together. Like how my one horse learned how to bow and wants to do it all the time now! 


For now, it is time to enjoy the beautiful weather and I will return soon!